jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

A Happy Place

This drawing (tries to) represent an adolescent’s motivation to learn English outside the classroom. I imagined the teacher had helped him see how useful and fun learning can be; and that making it so only depends on himself not on somebody else. What does depend on the teacher is the teaching environment inside the school. I thought of a perfect atmosphere that welcomes each student to the classroom and makes them feel proud of their own production for instance by exposing their own work on the walls. The perfect place could be represented in a thousand different ways because we all have different learning styles, ways of processing the intake, learning strategies, etc. But the important thing is for a teacher to acknowledge these differences and try to use them as tools to plan their lessons, for example asking sts to practise different skills and appeal to a variety of intelligences.

I believe that motivation and a welcoming environment are two key elements to encourage students to learn a foreign language. We teachers are in charge of guiding them on how to get enthusiastic about English and of creating a nice atmosphere for them to learn.

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  1. You're a true artist, Lu! 8-0!!! I'm surprised by the fact your learner seems to be by himself, surrounded by nature... A Rousseauan influence, perhaps? ;-)

    Your learner does have a book, though, which gets me thinking on the role materials place in the learning process. Has that book been chosen or suggested by a teacher, I wonder?

    All things considered, the most important element from your picture is, IMHO, the smile on the learner's face, and his relaxed expression. I'd like to believe that means a positive learning atmosphere can make wonders!

    Hope I've not "destroyed" your art by trying to interpret it my own way...


  2. Hello!
    I chose to represent a learner by himself just as one example of "a learning style" My own perfect way of studying, I guess: alone and surrounded by nature.
    As regards the book the student is reading I imagined he himself chose it since he feels motivated to learn outside the classroom. I imagine it is an adventure book like Harry Potter, the Twiglight saga,or the like.
    I also think the most important feature of the drawing is the kid´s smile. I hope I can do the same with my own students in the classroom.

    Thanks for the comment, (as I promised I wrote the post before reading it) ;)


  3. Hello my friend!!

    I think your drawing is beautiful, you´re a great artist of course! And I also believe that this is a perfect environment to learn. When I have the time I usually go to a park near my house to read or study because I can relax and breathe! I wish I could deliver my lessons in a place like that. I´m sure students would feel really motivated there because learning in a relaxing environment is one of the most important things. You wrote that one way to make them feel proud of their learning place is to expose their own work on the walls. And I always ask them to make posters to stick on the classroom walls because I also think that they feel at home when they see them. So let´s keep on decorating the place!!

    Well, that´s all!

    See you..


  4. I really love to see their work on the walls and I think they too. They immediately notice when it is missing for some reason.je