jueves, 15 de abril de 2010


Well, here we are again sharing a new year, new mates and a new blog! And together with all these new things I began this year with new expectations for our Methods course.
First of all, I will like to say that I´ve never worked with teens before so all I have are vague ideas and prejudices about what it is like dealing with them. But little by little I think ideas will become clearer and prejudices will be dispelled.
As regards adults, I feel better about teaching them because they seem to be more responsible and interested in learning than adolescents, but as everything in life, there are always bad and goods sides to all things, all we need to do is to find the best way to take advantage from the good points and not get crazy about the bad ones.
All in all, I would like to learn different strategies to deal with both adults and teens , and to make to most to make them feel comfortable and happy about learning English.



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  1. What a lovely image, Lucía!!! Quite inspiring indeed, if you allow my saying so...
    What do you remember about your own teen years, Lucía? Were you "uninterested in your own learning" or "irresponsible"? And what do you particularly like about teaching adults?
    I'm confident together we'll explore lots of worth-considering ideas and hopefully will come out of this course professionally strengthened with a "pack" of new strategies to keep supporting others' learning...
    Welcome aboard!

  2. Hi! I wasn´t much of a rebel during my teen years. I think I didn´t need to either.I think I was trustworthy enough for my parents not to worry about me too much and for them to give me quite a lot of freedom. Also I was responsible for my own studies and I was never a problem for them in that aspect.
    What I do notice is that I was bolder then than now and more carefree about some things. Now I think a lot before making a decision, sometimes too much :s But I still like trying new things.
    As for adults, I like their compromise to their study and many of them are very enthusiastic about learning English.


  3. Well, Lu, we all change as we grow older. But I am sure you will do very well. This time next year, we'll be celebrating, I hope.

  4. Thank you Normis for the comment and yes I hope that too!

  5. First of all, Lucía, I'll agree with Gladys about the 'inspiring' image: what a great visual 'metaphor' for all the learning we can 'grow' in ourselves and others!
    Now, I will agree with you about (most) adults being more responsible at studying than teens. I guess it's a question of maturation and having clearer aims when you grow up. The thing is that teenagers are giving their first steps into learning to take on more responsibilities - though some adults will still find it hard, too!
    That's why, perhaps, the learning experiences of our teen years can be so fundamental and influential to us all! Something for us teachers to keep in mind...
    BTW, I hope I can join your celebration with Norma next year;-)!

  6. Jajaja. I´m sure you will be there!
    Like you, I also think it wise to reflect upon our teen experiences and understand that taking on responsibilities is not an easy job. With these reflections in mind we can adapt our lessons to our student´s needs.
    See you at the party :)


  7. Must have missed something... what is it that most of you will be celebrating next year? Can't I join in too?


  8. Hopefully, we will be celebrating we´ve got our degree! If that happens, you will be there for sure. jaja

    See you