miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

A Joint Effort

I was looking for information on The Net related to learner’s autonomy and learner training and I came across a webpage which dealt with these issues, it was addressed to parents, though. It gives them tips to help their teens grow more independent individuals. I found this page particularly interesting because I discovered many points connected to what we read about learner autonomy in Hedge, so I thought: After all, teachers and parents ultimately want the same thing: for children to become successful adults. In my mindmap below, I will present the 10 tips given to parents and I will develop a bit more those tips which can be applied to help teens develop their learning autonomy. Hope you like it! :)

Source: http://www.collegeboard.com/parents/apply/sending-kids-college/50006.html

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  1. Hi Lu!

    I love your mindmap! And The Simpsons too! :-)

    I think you have a very interesting point here. Parents are key at the time of encouraging learners´autonomy. And I totally agree when it says that a disorganized parent will definitely have a disorganized kid! And we can see this so clearly in our lessons. You have the students who take down notes, ask for dates, bring questions to the lessons and the ones who do not even remember when the exams are. But well, we can always help all of them to became more autonomous.
    A good way to ask for cooperation to parents is to organize a parents´ meeting at the beginning of the year so that we can tell them about the shedules, exams, dates, homework, and also ask them to check the notebooks and textbooks to see their children´s performances in the English lesson. And it could be a good idea to stay in contact with them for the rest of the year via e-mail or through the students´notebooks.

    Well, that´s all!

    Looking forward to your answer.



  2. How do you create such beautiful resources, Lu? Wish I could!

    I really loved the ideas you posted, as well as the layout, of course! And I do second Debbie's suggestions, especially when it comes to thinking of ways to work hand in hand with families which go beyond f2f meetings (which are so inconvenient for working parents, you know). It's time for us teachers to get creative in this respect too!

    Big hug,

  3. Hello! Thank you for the comments Girls :)
    I do think a key aspect of teaching is make the parents realise we need to work together for the benefit of adolescents. Adolescence can be a very tough moment not only for students but also for parents. So it is not a bad idea to let them know they are not alone in this stage.
    I really liked the Debbie´s ideas as well.The Internet is a good way to make connections, especially for those parents who work all day long and cannot be present at school meetings and the like.

    Thank u!